The Rock waxwork museum makes skin tone fix after criticism

An artist at the Grevin Museum paints the waxwork model of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The artist is a white woman with short grey hair down to her chin. She wears dark rimmed glasses and a white shirt and poses holding a small paint brush up to the waxwork's face. The waxwork depicts a bald Dwayne Johnson and is dressed in a light blue polo shirt. It is modelled with folded arms painted with swirling tribal patterned tattoos showing off the wrestler's biceps. The waxwork looks lifelike and the skin tone has been darkened after earlier being criticised for being incorrect.
Image caption,A waxwork of the former WWE wrestler was modified after its skin tone was criticised

A French museum says it has fixed a waxwork of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after he complained about it.

The Grevin Museum in Paris proudly revealed the life-sized figure of the wrestler-turned-actor earlier this month and got a wave of criticism back.

One of the biggest was over the model’s skin tone, with fans accusing the creator of “whitewashing” the star, who has dual heritage.

After The Rock joined the pile-on, museum bosses vowed to “rework” it.

He called on them to update the model “with some important details, starting with my skin colour”.

The Grevin Museum has since accepted that The Rock’s comments were correct and said staff had worked overnight to “remedy the skin tone” of the wax figure.

Museum director Yves Delhommeau initially blamed the model’s skin tone on a “lighting issue” and said it would be addressed.

He added that The Rock would visit the museum “later on to see if there are other modifications that need to be made”.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson pictured at a film premier. Johnson, a mixed race man in his 50s, has a shaved head and wears a black T-shirt which is tight over his muscly arms. He wears grey trousers and a diamond necklace. He has both arms outstretched as he smiles at the camera.
Image caption,The Rock is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors

The museum unveiled the wax figure in Paris on 16 October and said artist Stéphane Barret had to rely on photos and videos to create the sculpture.

In a press release, it said the “painstaking” work included redoing the model’s eyes three times.

The Rock was born in California to a black Nova Scotian father and Samoan mother.

His dad, Wayde Douglas Bowles, was also a wrestler – known as Rocky Johnson – and was part of the first black tag team to win a WWE championship.

The Rock’s representatives have been contacted for comment.

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